About us

Building bridges together on our every-day-life topics!


That’s why we are here. Because wholeness is always more than the sum of its parts. The “in between” – that’s vividness. And we want to be a vivid and life-affirming team, together with you all.

We are people from the middle of society: freelancers, artists, employees, entrepreneurs, authors, students, famous personalities and many more.

We are people who know that we are stronger together than many individuals. Only together can we master the huge challenges of today.

Menschen Machen Mut connects people who want to share their knowledge, who enjoy intensive discussions, respect different opinions and offer concrete solutions with proposals for action.

Menschen Machen Mut wants to help people at building an own opinion freely and objectively, then contribute to societal change in self-responsibility and serving the highest good of everyone.

Let’s build bridges together and overcome the challenges we are facing in society as a whole.

Christian, Bernd, Hardy, Christoph, Klaus, Erich, Peter, Isabelle, Alexandra, Katrin and many more cordially welcome you to Menschen Machen Mut!

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