Creating a new future together

For all who want to take control over their own fate

Conventions – Ideas – Exchange

Guests and experts


Sponsors and partners

What we are standing for


Communication is everything

We speak with each other instead of about one another.
Let’s enter a constructive discourse and find real solutions.


Humanity as central aspect

We represent the integration of all areas and levels of life and stand for a common future in peace and freedom.


Unbiased and open

open for all opinions and ideas that enable everyone to build their own opinion as well as helping each other out.


Strong together

We want to acknowledge everyone’s fears and consider those in the decision-making process. Let’s overcome prejudices and build bridges!

Highlights and Impressions

Encouraging people – two small words, however so moving for human beings. Already twice, Menschen Machen Mut staged exciting talk shows with renowned and important guests. Instead of talking about problems, the focus was set on finding solutions as well as a vivid appreciative discourse.

Furthermore, the convention participants could get in contact with the referees and ask their own questions. We all felt the encouraging energy emanating from the last conventions. Now, we are looking into a future full of confidence and joy about what is yet to come.

Ulrike van Aufschnaiter and Prof. Christian Kreis

Crises need courage!
Fears and hardship need no panic-mongering, but people who portray understanding for each other, who encourage others, search for solutions and keep together!

Our commonalities will save us, our diversity will enrich us!

That is why we founded the action Menschen Machen Mut.

Join us!